I. General stipulations

1. Personal information may be collected and processed by the URIOS-BEIC group companies. This information is saved in a computer file on a server in the European Union by the companies in the URIOS BEIC group, for proper functioning of the site, and correct conduct of the contractual obligations of the URIOS-BEIC group companies, and for conduct of commercial prospection.

2. This data is encrypted and stored on our servers, and access to it is subject to strict control and restricted to those who need to access it.

3. It is stored for three (3) years after collection, in the case of visitors to the site, and after the end of the commercial relationship in the case of clients. 

4. However, personal data for which retention is compulsory (such as accounting documents, etc.) will be retained in the form of archives for the entire compulsory duration, in accordance with the applicable legal or regulatory regime.

5. You have a right to access, question, change, transfer, rectify or delete data that concerns you.

6. For details on your rights, we encourage you to consult the following web page, published by the CNIL:

7. You also have the right to oppose processing of your personal data and a right to oppose this data being used for commercial prospection purposes at any time.

8. The URIOS-BEIC group companies attach particular importance to the protection of its users’ and partners’ personal data, and encourage you to adequately protect your personal data by developing best practices, in particular through choice of passwords (for more information, see the guide:

9. The URIOS-BEIC group companies undertake to make every effort to inform users and the CNIL as soon as possible in the event of unauthorised access to any system hosting sensitive personal data of its users.

10. For any exercise of rights relating to personal data, you can contact: 

  • Pierre-Jean REYDELLET, acting as Data Protection Officer, by:Sending a letter by post to:
    • URIOS-BEIC – 91, Avenue Paul Doumer – CS 41774 – 75783 PARIS Cedex 16, France
    • Email: –

Or use the contact form available at the following address:


II. Browsing on the site

11. With regards browsing on the site, the information collected (via the “Google Analytics” cookie) includes the anonymised IP address and browsing information. 

12. This information (which may comprise personal data) can, with your agreement, be transferred to third parties.

13. Anonymised browsing information is intended for the marketing and sales departments of the URIOS-BEIC group companies, located in the European Union.

14. Processing of this data is conducted to ensure proper functioning of the site and compilation statistics.


III. Commercial services

15. Data collection within any commercial service is subject to and regulated by the stipulations in the contract between the URIOS-BEIC group companies and its clients.

16. Only data necessary for completion of contractual services is collected and processed.

17. URIOS-BEIC can call upon authorised service providers to facilitate the collection and processing of data as part of its contractual services. These service providers can be located outside the European Union. URIOS-BEIC has ensured that all of its service providers provide adequate guarantees and that they respect strict conditions regarding confidentiality, use and protection of data.

18. With regards online payment of debts, users’ banking data is not collected by the URIOS-BEIC group companies and is not processed by the latter. This banking data is exclusively and directly securely processed by the Crédit Lyonnais bank’s online payments department

19. Information pertaining to legal proceedings may be collected by the URIOS-BEIC group companies. The objective of any such collection is the proper conduct of the main activity of the URIOS-BEIC group companies, i.e. debt collection. Only data necessary for this purpose is collected and processed.


 IV. Commercial prospection

20. The URIOS-BEIC group companies may conduct commercial prospection among third party companies.

21. Any activity conducted in this regard will be carried out in compliance with CNIL recommendations.

22. In this regard, all persons contacted for commercial prospection purposes are informed that they can request deletion of their data at any time, by clicking on the link featured in all prospection emails, or by contacting:

  • Mr. Pierre-Jean REYDELLET, acting as Data Protection Officer, by:
  • Sending a letter by post to: URIOS-BEIC – 91, Avenue Paul Doumer – CS 41774 – 75783 PARIS Cedex 16, France
  • Email: –

Or via the contact form available at the following address:

23. The information collected for commercial canvassing purposes includes the first name, last name, company name, position held, professional email address and professional telephone number.

24. This information is securely stored by the URIOS-BEIC group companies and is not re-sold. It is only accessible to marketing department staff as part of their work. Its processing is subject to all the conditions laid out in this charter.