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How to Evaluate the Solvency of your Debtors with Civil Investigations?


Civil investigations

Locate your debtors and evaluate their solvency

Your clients, debtors or beneficiaries are individuals and you want to:

  • Locate them?
  • Evaluate their financial health more specifically to examine the opportunity of continuing the contentious procedure or negotiating a payment plan?
  • Identify assets with a view to seizure of assets or taking security: bank accounts, land and property assets?
  • Identify the beneficiaries of dormant bank accounts and unclaimed life insurance policies?

URIOS – BEIC can provide you with support for these procedures thanks to its dedicated civil investigation department. We should draw your attention to the fact that consultation of files for civil investigations is not authorised in France.

The quality of civil investigations conducted by URIOS – BEIC is based on questioning and cross-referencing of multiple sources by our dedicated investigators.


URIOS - BEIC, a partner that is fully compliant with the strict legal and ethical framework of civil studies

URIOS – BEIC has prefectural authorisation from the National Council of Private Security Activities (CNAPS) in France, authorising us to practise as a Private Search Agent.  This authorisation is compulsory, in particular to conduct investigations on civil debts.

Private search agent employees possess a “civil investigator” Professional Qualification Certificate issued by CNAPS and hold a professional card in their name.

These documents require us to respect strict confidentiality and ethical rules when conducting our investigations. Our staff sign a Charter of Commitment to these rules.

Location and qualification of your debtors is conducted via search and identification of their address and employer.

Asset search enables you to identify and evaluate your debtors’ assets in order to take the most targeted and appropriate measures. This search can be conducted upstream of any enforcement procedure to implement garnishments to secure the debt or obtain your enforcement order. The investigation focuses on two key elements:
– Search for credit bank accounts ;
– Search for land and property assets owned by the debtor.

URIOS – BEIC also provides you with support for identification of beneficiaries of dormant bank accounts and unclaimed life insurance policies. The Eckert law in France imposes provisions on dormant bank accounts and unclaimed life insurance policies. Since 1st January 2016, banks and insurance companies must identify dormant bank accounts annually (in 2016, 6.5 million accounts and policies were identified as dormant) and inform holders or beneficiaries. They also have an obligation, after 10 years of dormancy (20 years for a homebuyer saving plan), to transfer the balance of dormant accounts to the “Caisse des dépôts”. It should be noted that, in the event where the dormant account holder has died, the deadline for transfer is 3 years.

We can also help you to identify notaries in charge of succession or heirs.


Your advantages

  • Meet your legal obligations in terms of heir or beneficiary identification, for example, of a life insurance policy
  • Accelerate collection of unpaid amounts by locating your debtors
  • Identify assets with a view to seizure or taking security.
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