Preventive dunning

Obtain commitments to pay

Preventive dunning are sent before or just after the invoice due date. This is the first vital step to your client paying you.

This procedure enables you to check that your contact person has all the elements necessary to make the payment. It is also a means of upstream solving of any litigation that could result in late payments.


A highly flexible outsourcing solution

  • Preventive dunning under mandate or via whitelabelling for all or part of your credit management, on an ad hoc or recurrent basis.
  • 20 of experience in debt collection

The objective is to obtain firm commitments on a date of payment from your debtors and accelerate cash inflow.

The various stages of a preventive dunning:

  • Company call
  • Monitoring of invoicing and verification that all documents necessary for payment are present: invoices, delivery notes, signed delivery notes…
  • Procurement of a commitment on promise to pay date
  • Sending of all information obtained for fast preventive processing: litigation, economic situation and contact details of companies.

Your advantages

  • Upstream detection of any litigation and anticipation of overdue payment risks
  • Fast solving of problems related to invoice issuing: addressee, non-compliance of invoice, non-receipt
  • Acceleration of cash and optimisation of rate of cash receipt
  • Improve your company image among business partners
  • Reduction of amicable or contentious collection procedure expenses.
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