1. Structure and implement credit management

« Consolidate all the data about your customers in one plate »

With Cash & Credit, you automatically manage your risk policy: customer segmentation, payment terms, credit limits, credit insurance, overruns. You consolidate all the data about your customers in one place to get to know them better, anticipate their paying behavior and adapt the debt collection process.

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Key features:

  • Modeling and automation of the customer risk policy: customer segmentation, management of payment terms and credit limits, automatic management of overruns.
  • Consolidation of accounting and extra-accounting data: orders in progress, deposit management, customer-supplier compensation accounts.
  • Paying behavior monitoring and anticipation: credit management indicators.

2. Improve efficiency of your reminder strategy

« Share the same information between all the credit management et debt collection actors »

You automatically relaunch your customers before and after the date of payment, in an intelligent way depending on the context, such as a new order. All credit management and debt collection actors share the same information and coordinate their actions.

Key features:

  • Modeling your reminder strategy before and after maturity date according to each client
  • Intelligent automation – Robotic Process Automation – of the reminder according to the context in mass and on-time
  • Sharing information, actions to be taken, and good practices with all stakeholders
  • Electronic Document Management: automatic commitment of attachments according to the type of correspondence. Management of all types of documents, archiving correspondence.
recovery software
recovery software

Cash & Credit® is the most agile credit management and debt collection software on the market.

The software that adapts to your processes and not the opposite.

3. Accelerate the cash in and litigation resolution and preserve customer relations

« Be alerted proactively in case of late resolution and monitor performance in real time »

You optimized the time and the rate of litigation resolution by coordinating the actions of each actor in a workflow. You are proactively warned in case of late resolution and follow the performance in real time. Your customers are not raised to pay their bills if the litigation is still not resolved, you avoid misunderstandings and dissatisfaction.

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Key features:

  • Modeling and automation of litigation resolution processes
  • Collaborative stakeholder management
  • Proactive alerts in case of late resolution
  • Reporting with time tracking

4. Drive and anticipate your customer risk

« Manage team performance and absorption of activity peaks »

You follow your production, performance and risk indicators on your dashboard: DSO, BPDSO, Excess, ACD, General Ledger, aged balances to date, claims management. You can link Cash&Credit to your BI tool for even more expert management. You manage team performance and the absorption of peak activity.

Key features:

  • Performance, risk and activity management indicators
  • Team performance Management
  • Management of activity peaks
  • BI coupling
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