How Cash & Credit® answer your challenges:

recovery software
recovery software


Accelerate cash entries

« Use all the preventive and curative levers to reduce late payment and improve cash flow »
  • Automated “multi-channel” pre-raise and raise.
  • Litigation resolution process
  • Automatic sending of invoices as attachments
  • Paying behavior change detection
  • Solvency studies and guaranteed studies, formal notice and outsourced collection in one click in partnership with URIOS-BEIC


Improve productivity of teams

« Digitalise reminder and credit management processes »
  • Automation of the personalized reminder in multichannel, mass or on-time
  • Dynamic scenarios based on customer profile and behavior and exceptional events
  • Intelligent attribution of actions to employees
  • User tasks diary


Share cash culture to reduce customer risk

« Centralize customer credit information and accelerate the synergy between all the players in the customer relationship from sales to finance »
  • Collaborative approval and alert workflow, delegation management
  • Consolidation of customer risk and debt collection
  • Management of credit insurance and outstanding limits
  • Sharing of key indicators by account: credit limit, DSO, BPDSO, Excess, ACD, due, blocked amounts, orders in progress with the ADV, sales representatives, financial management, accounting…

Request a Cash & Credit® Demo

Provided by an URIOS-BEIC expert, a demonstration is offered to understand how the most agile software on the market could adapt to your processes.
recovery software


Identify performance levers

« Have a steering, analysis and anticipation tool »
  • Forecasts of payments, follow-up of the promises of customer payments
  • Track loads, teams and deadlines
  • Indicators of risk, activity and performance
  • Identification of non-compliance and improvement points


Decide in relation to the real value of the customer

« Base your strategy on a global financial knowledge »
  • Integration of all accounting and non-accounting financial elements: orders in progress to the complete customer ledger, beyond unpaid invoices
  • Lettering regulations with their bills
  • Business decision support tools: unified vision of 360 ° Customer value