URIOS - BEIC is a strategic and financial information consulting firm.

We specialise in client and supplier credit management performance. For more than 20 years, we have been working with all types of companies to develop and secure their business relationships in France and internationally.

Our central focus: make the environment easier to read to enable the right decisions at all times. We are particularly recognised for our high added-value analyses reflecting the financial health of clients & suppliers in real time and our innovative solutions to reduce non-payment risk.

Our know-how is organised in 4 key areas to meet our clients’ challenges:

  • Seize market opportunities: market research, identification of targets for external growth, supplier sourcing, prospecting database
  • Develop France and export turnover with reliable, solvent partners: business and financial intelligence, regulatory compliance (Sapin 2 law in France)
  • Cover default risks and secure turnover: guaranteed intelligence
  • Improve and accelerate cash inflow: preventive reminders, amicable and contentious collection, credit management and collection software.

With a consolidated turnover of €8M, 90 employees, a volume of 50,000 investigations per year, €50M of guaranteed intelligence, a loss ratio of 0.5% and over €60M assigned in collection and preventive reminders, URIOS – BEIC is a key player in the Business and Financial Intelligence and Debt Collection market.


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